Thank you for stopping by our new site. This is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. We are here to provide you with the latest News and information that the Mainstream Media tends to leave out. In case you haven’t noticed the Alphabet Media or Mainstream Media has been a one sided agenda driven outlet for quite some time now.

It was most prevalent during the 2016-17 Presidential Elections! It was obvious to me that the Mainstream Media “MSM” was totally in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Don’t get me wrong it’s fine to have an opinion but as the Mainstream Media and Journalists they are supposed to be the “Watchdogs” of the political process as well as fair and balanced reporting. It was obvious this was not the case during the Presidential Elections. So it had become obvious that the MSM was controlled by heavy weight donors and Government entities.

I was sickened when these facts were shining through and every Alphabet Media Channel was in the bag for the Democratic Party. I was livid that you couldn’t turn on even Local News Channels because those are owned and operated by the corporate media channels that I’m talking about. This is when I started to get my News from Alternative Media Outlets. At least these forms of media were not corrupted by lobbyists and donors. You had to look for real News because the MSM was only reporting what they wanted you to believe!

So Enter News4uByUs and I hope I can share relevant News stories that matter to you. As well as letting you be part of the effort of reporting Real News as it comes in from where you live. Of course we will throw in some funny stuff along the way. We welcome all contributors to help us establish a News forum that will Debunk all the Fake News Articles that are out there nowadays. That is one of the main reasons for News4uByUs We want to stop the Fake News reports that are surging online.


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