The PizzaGate emails

Here I would like to list some of the emails that were uncovered by Wikileaks when they released the emails of John Podesta. These are by no means a smoking gun as to the whole controversy but will allow you to make your own decision as to the likelihood that they are at least strange in nature.


Now these don’t scream guilt but they do raise some good questions.

Why would the President be flying in Pizza and Dogs that cost $65,000 When we all know that any food that is for the white house has to be prepared at the White House for Security Reasons!

You don’t get a Pizza for an hour? You might need one in an hour but that isn’t what it says.

Then you have the Handkerchief Who in their right mind is going to be looking for a stained Handkerchief back unless it had some sort of DNA evidence on it? “A Map that seems Pizza related” These are just natural questions that come up when you go over these emails.

It would seem to me that these are more likely than not some sort of code words used to communicate a different message. You decide!


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