Space Debris and it’s Danger!

Space Debris is a real Problem

This Danger is in our near future and the result of one wrong collision that can chain react and cause a catastrophe.

This is Low Earth Orbit right now 11/21/2016 at any given time there are approximately 15,000 pieces of space junk and or Satellites

Then you have Medium Earth Orbit as seen to the left here.
Lastly we have Geo Earth orbit scroll down for more about the Danger we face as a Globe but it comes down to about 10 responsible Nations.

As The way things are now I can’t believe we get rockets up and out of LEO without getting slammed. We need to think of a way to curb this situation or it’s going to be lights out! I mean that in the most literal of ways.

I’m sure there are plenty of very smart people monitoring this Space Debris problem. I am just starting my journey into the space debris field. I find it fascinating in a terrifying way. My writings are free spirited honest opinion and facts about things that matter to me and to US in the United States Of America.

Our Space Program and the United States is one of the main sources of Space Debris. We account for 2/3 of all junk floating around out there. As time goes on the problem is only going to worsen. Objects that are in a dead orbit to our lower atmosphere are propelling around the earth at crazy high speeds. Any one of these pieces are a potential hazard that could cause a chain reaction that we may not be able to avoid. Potentially knocking out critical infrastructure to our communications satellites.

This is the whole purpose of my endeavor, to bring awareness and hopefully change to this ever increasing Danger! It’s only a matter of time that we start seeing the affects of our own causes. Imagine the impact Space Debris will have in even 25 years. We are always challenging ourselves as a Nation and species to strive higher, faster and farther away than before. I am making a conscious decision to try and help either through awareness or encouraging the young minds on this earth to come up with a practical way to eliminate Space Junk.

Stay tuned for more info and facts about this ever growing danger that affects us all. As our communication satellites GPS and every other type of systems are lobbed into orbit. You can make a difference and I want to be a part of the solution not the problem. To be preventative instead of reactive.  If we are being reactive it may already be too late. For the safety of our Space Exploration Manned Missions to our Global infrastructure.


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