Fake News about Inauguration 2017

The Mainstream media pushes more Fake News.

I have to post this because I actually witnessed something that tells me the media was pushing this false photo for something it wasn’t. The image is taken from the Washington Monument buy Reuters News and is the infamous picture that was passed around the internet.

I watched the inauguration proceedings all day long from 9 am on. I was watching at one point about 10:45 and I noticed they were showing the whole area from what looked like a sky shot but was the same angle and view of the pic below I’m using to compare with another picture. In my observations of this shot on tv from Fox News I said to myself, watch someone use this pic that is a couple hours before the event get pushed as nobody showed up for Trump. I literally pondered the whole thing for a couple minutes. So here I would like to demonstrate something I discovered with some digging. A comparison picture from of all places CNN who did a 360 type Gigapixel Photo.

First the Reuters photo

Reuters photo of Inauguration

And Here is a cropped portion of the Gigapixel Photo From CNN. Here is the Link for the Full Photo

Notice The white building above and the one here below. There is only a small walkway of probably 50 feet wide for walking. So it is my honest opinion that the pic above was taken a couple hours before the time of the Inauguration 12pm.

Inauguration 2017


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