Moon missions 2017 Exploration or Industrialization

If you are anything like me, you may often wonder why we haven’t gone back to the moon since the days when the onboard computer of the Apollo Missions were not even as fast or advanced as our smart phones are today. I would think with all the talk about going to Mars to colonize it, why would we not see how we can adapt on a much shorter alien planet our own moon. That would be an accomplishment in itself and I’m sure there would be mistakes we could learn from without jeopardizing so much if we were on the Martian surface.

The next question is. Are we going to colonize / explore or are we looking to pillage and profit from such missions to the moon? Below is an video from 2016

From the sounds of the video the private company that is looking to go to the moon intends on mining it for Platinum and Helium 3 stating that he believes there is more Platinum on the surface of the moon than there is in all the mines of planet earth.


My picture vs Google Moon

Pretty stunning that the photo I took through a pair of binoculars and an Iphone is identical to Google’s


So I guess the answers are right in front of us. We are planning more trips to the Moon and going to see if it can be profitable. This could give a whole new meaning to Moonshine!

Moon Express Raises $20 Million for First Private Moon Landing

The company says its first trip, planned for 2017, is now fully funded Read more about it here.
Do you think we should be mining these alien planets and meteors for valued materials? Let me know below in a comment.

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