Immigration and the solution

First lets get right to the heart of the matter. This is  Presented by immigration author/journalist Roy Beck.

This was from 2010 and makes perfect sense, why are we fighting over humanitarian issues on immigration when we take on 1 Million Immigrants a year and it doesn’t even put a pin hole never mind a dent in the matter. Please watch below how Roy explains the situation of world poverty and how we can fix it.

Let’s make everyone happy and make a real difference

So as Roy suggests, we need to help the poverty in the world where it is happening. Bringing a minute fraction to the United States is useless and only hurts our country by dividing a lot of our people on both sides of the democratic parties.

We would be able to help these impoverished nations by sending people to educate them and teach them how to produce and cultivate in agriculture and life. Of course it will take some time but doing things the way we do now is not helping rather hurting the efforts. We could be a safer Nation as well. We could work together with other richer nations and come up with plans on how to build schools and teach Science and Technology to those that live there so they can teach it to generations. Eventually they will be able to provide and create for themselves. This notion makes so much sense, there must be a reason that we aren’t pushing for this solution. Are we afraid we will create more monsters  by empowering nations with billions of people? I don’t think so. We are in a position to make a real difference but yet here we are in America fighting with each other about letting a certain group of immigrants into the country. This is why we are at a stale mate with opposing sides of democracy.

Comment below how you feel about this presentation and what Roy talks about!


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