President Trump vs Press

President Trump tells it like it is.

Here is an excerpt from this afternoon 2/16/17 at his Press conference.

This video should be shared around the country for all to hear. The 2 min clip above highlights the fact that his administration is constantly battling the media and his point is that he and his administration would much rather be dealing with real issues that matter such as health care, taxes, Illegal Immigration and jobs. While praising Reince Priebus as well as defending him but driving the point that he and his staff would much rather be tending to real business.

The press in this country is in a frenzy because they have been caught with their pants down and lost the election to their rival. As much as you may think Trump goes on about issues, it’s because he is most likely a perfectionist on top of his brilliance and when things are not True and it’s all the left sided media is pushing. He is a smart guy and the left won’t even let him prove his worth without tearing him to shreds.  This is why we ended up with the harsher President Trump. He will not be swayed from his positions but he is also a fair man and great negotiator that would have the door wide open to the democratic party if they were not so butt hurt about the election. It’s time to get over yourselves and move forward. 95% of the left democrats that have so much hate for President Trump are all brain washed from the mainstream media. I see it in my own home where she listens to the democratic talk shows commuting to and from work and it’s so hard to hear all the negative things that come up, and the funny part is knowing exactly what she’s going to say because it’s what ever the alphabet media was serving that day! 

When is this country going to come together put aside your differences for the greater good of mankind. He only wants to make the country better than it was. The least you can do is give him that chance. Stop blocking and pushing back at every step he takes while he’s trying to govern his way.


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