Science and Big Pharma and the Cure for Cancer

A lot of people believe that we already have the cure for cancer and that the Big Pharmaceutical companies won’t let it out to the public because this would cost them Billions in revenue losses. Yet we hear of Science making all kinds of leaps and bounds in the battle of all kinds of cancer. For instance here is the latest article on how they have found a way to destroy cancer cells.

Scientists Engineer Nonimmune Cells That Kill Cancer Upon Contact

As I was reading the article above from Futurism, I could not help but think this and or other cure type procedures or medicines will be the transition of the Billion dollar business. The cure could be as simple as an injection, but do you think the Big Pharma companies are going to just sit back and let Science save the world for basically free? I highly doubt it. As cures are discovered I wouldn’t doubt that Big Pharma moves in to buy up the pattens and rights to anything resembling a cure.

What are your thoughts? Are we on the cusp of finding a cure or will Big Pharma and others prevent it from happening so they can continue to rule the market share of this lucrative business.


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