Science and Big Pharma and the Cure for Cancer

A lot of people believe that we already have the cure for cancer and that the Big Pharmaceutical companies won’t let it out to the public because this would cost them Billions in revenue losses. Yet we hear of Science making all kinds of leaps and bounds in the battle of all kinds of cancer. For instance here is the latest article on how they have found a way to destroy cancer cells.

Scientists Engineer Nonimmune Cells That Kill Cancer Upon Contact

As I was reading the article above from Futurism, I could not help but think this and or other cure type procedures or medicines will be the transition of the Billion dollar business. The cure could be as simple as an injection, but do you think the Big Pharma companies are going to just sit back and let Science save the world for basically free? I highly doubt it. As cures are discovered I wouldn’t doubt that Big Pharma moves in to buy up the pattens and rights to anything resembling a cure.

What are your thoughts? Are we on the cusp of finding a cure or will Big Pharma and others prevent it from happening so they can continue to rule the market share of this lucrative business.


President Trump vs Press

President Trump tells it like it is.

Here is an excerpt from this afternoon 2/16/17 at his Press conference.

This video should be shared around the country for all to hear. The 2 min clip above highlights the fact that his administration is constantly battling the media and his point is that he and his administration would much rather be dealing with real issues that matter such as health care, taxes, Illegal Immigration and jobs. While praising Reince Priebus as well as defending him but driving the point that he and his staff would much rather be tending to real business.

The press in this country is in a frenzy because they have been caught with their pants down and lost the election to their rival. As much as you may think Trump goes on about issues, it’s because he is most likely a perfectionist on top of his brilliance and when things are not True and it’s all the left sided media is pushing. He is a smart guy and the left won’t even let him prove his worth without tearing him to shreds.  This is why we ended up with the harsher President Trump. He will not be swayed from his positions but he is also a fair man and great negotiator that would have the door wide open to the democratic party if they were not so butt hurt about the election. It’s time to get over yourselves and move forward. 95% of the left democrats that have so much hate for President Trump are all brain washed from the mainstream media. I see it in my own home where she listens to the democratic talk shows commuting to and from work and it’s so hard to hear all the negative things that come up, and the funny part is knowing exactly what she’s going to say because it’s what ever the alphabet media was serving that day! 

When is this country going to come together put aside your differences for the greater good of mankind. He only wants to make the country better than it was. The least you can do is give him that chance. Stop blocking and pushing back at every step he takes while he’s trying to govern his way.

Epidemic Hazard in NYC


One person died and two more fell seriously ill after contracting a disease that commonly spreads through “contact with rat urine,” according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The city’s health department has identified a “cluster of three cases of leptospirosis” in one block of the Bronx, according to a statement the department emailed Wednesday to The Washington Post. “Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is most commonly spread by contact with rat urine and is very rarely spread from person to person,” the statement said. “This illness can be serious but is treatable with readily available antibiotics.” The New York Times reports that the city is investigating the matter. Two people were diagnosed with leptospirosis in December, and another case was diagnosed in February. Leptospirosis – which the health department also described as a “bacterial disease spread by animal urine, in this case by rats (not mice)” – is pretty rare in New York, according to the agency. Typically, the city sees about one to three cases of leptospirosis each year. As a letter issued Tuesday to heath-care providers noted: “Human leptospirosis cases are very rare in New York City; this is the first time a cluster of cases has been identified.” Some of those who become infected with leptospirosis suffer no symptoms. Others, however, might experience symptoms that included a fever, chills, vomiting or diarrhea, the department said. Cases rarely become life-threatening. The New York Times reported that 26 cases of leptospirosis were reported in New York City from 2006 to 2016. Of those cases, eight were in the Bronx, according to the newspaper. All three patients from December to February suffered from “acute kidney and liver failure” and were hospitalized, the Times reported. The two survivors are now out of the hospital. The health department is working with housing and building officials, as well as building owners to try to deal with rodent infestations, according to the agency. At a news conference Wednesday, Ruben Diaz Jr., Bronx borough president, called for calm in the wake of the news. “There’s no need for panic at this moment,” he said. “We have been in contact with the elected officials in the area, we’ve been in contact with the city. There’s going to be some more education. I think that what we need to do now is educate the public on exactly what it is that leptospirosis is.” Diaz also said he frequently hears complaints about rodents and rats, and not just from those who live in the Bronx. “This is, ladies and gentlemen, an issue that’s a quality-of-life issue, it’s a health issue,” he said. “And unfortunately what we’ve seen over the last couple days, it’s a life-and-death issue.” The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene advised people to avoid contact with rats or places where rats might have urinated. If someone comes in contact with areas where rats might live, the department suggests washing hands with soap and water afterward.

Here is the source of the information 

There is no more Racism in America

There is something going on in this country that is not good. We are experiencing more protests and angry people “I must say democrats and the left mostly” than ever before! The hate that is in the air is beyond belief.

Protesters And Trump Supporters Gather In D.C. For Donald Trump Inauguration
Protesters burn a Limo during President Trump Inauguration 

Here is just a sample of the violent protests that have been going on since the Election of President Donald J Trump. The worst part about these uproars is the fact that they are being encouraged by outsiders. Or some might see them as the Globalist that are basically running the country, as it was that is. I guess this is where I have to point out the fact that the majority of the people protesting are encouraged by the inflammatory media. Along with many secret organizations backing these protesters. The name George Soros comes to mind as a main player in this organized lynch mob that is bent on making it as tough as possible for President Trump to be the best President he can be. They would go to any length to delegitimize his Presidency and see him fail. When the fact is, every American should be hoping he can do the country good and fix the things that have been plaguing this country for far too long.

I don’t want to get off topic but it seems that this whole protesting thing is affecting the way racism is looked at and that is wrong by itself. I do have to make mention the fact that I’ve seen some articles saying that all this crazy leftist protesting is overshadowing the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well as other groups that were the topic of conversation before the election. Let’s take a look at the people causing all the destruction and problems that are facing our cities right now.

Protesters in London

Now we have a bunch of angry white people ranting and raving over a total false outlook on society, and who’s fault is that. The Mainstream Media is to blame. As well as those who back them with money! Because they are all liberally owned companies that were all butt hurt that Hillary Clinton lost the Election. It is beyond me to see these people act the way they have been acting since the election.

Back to the whole Racist thing. I have changed the title to this post because I couldn’t hit the nail on the head. I had the first one “Racism in America has Flip Flopped” It’s tough finding the words to describe what is going on right now.  I think back to before the election when the headlines were always about Police brutality and white Police Officers Shooting Black Men and the occasional mention of the KKK and that brings me to a valid point. I’m in no way making light of the horrible everything about the KKK. But even they have been pretty much silenced in the recent years. Except for nowadays they are somehow connected to Trump too..”I’m kidding”  Maybe because the media didn’t give them any coverage or maybe they kept to themselves a lot more. For a hate group they didn’t seem to cause much trouble.

Now we move into the disturbed left that isn’t happy with the outcome of an election! This group of people who are supposed to be about tolerance, have been nothing but the opposite of what they were preaching before the election. They are causing more disruption and violence than any hate group I’ve seen in recent decades. Other than current Terrorist groups. Now the status quo is if you support Donald Trump you are a racist! This has got to be the most hurtful lie that has been made into a truth because of the media. They pushed the agenda and their audience listened. It is so hurtful because it is bringing up old wounds that we as a nation have been dealing with and actually making progress in. When hate is breeded on lies like it is now it does not help anyone and making those that believe the lie crazier than ever before.


For all those folks that are up in arms about the travel ban that was signed by President Trump this too was another media stunt that sent the democratic masses into a frenzy. When the truth of the matter is, it is a little inconvenience to some people that are not US citizens. That is all it is plus it was something drawn up by the Obama administration. But because the media put their spin on it, everyone jumps on the hate Trump bandwagon and calls it a Muslim ban.

Why would anyone in their right mind be upset about the President making sure we are safer? This is not racism by any stretch, it is a small price to pay to be able to come into this country and enjoy the fruits and freedoms it provides all of us.

Leave racism out of it because we have enough real racism in this county and adding to it, the stupid falsehoods of what the media is feeding you is only hurting the real cause of racism. It’s pretty bad when I’m compelled to write about this topic and wanting racism to hold it’s own. It’s hard to explain obviously but I had to write something about it.

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if the dems and everyone else would put this same energy into solving problems and working together to make this country proud once again. We have many problems that need to be solved in this country alone, we should fix our own problems before trying to help the world. If we can’t protect and provide for our own people how in the hell do you expect us to do the same for any immigrants looking for refuge.

If you oppose the current Administration, do what all Americans have done for years past. Work together to try and get more of your own philosophy enacted into any new policies that could be made. When you act like spoiled brats that didn’t get their way, you not only look foolish but you don’t even get to sit at the dinner table and your voice isn’t heard at all. The same is true for politics, government and any parties that want to be heard in these United States of America.

I’m no expert and had to change the title of this article multiple times but I felt it had to be said. I just highlighted the above paragraph in bold text after reading it over because I really love it! I may have to make that my quote lol Anyway please leave a comment so we can open this discussion and Thank you for reading it.


Immigration and the solution

First lets get right to the heart of the matter. This is  Presented by immigration author/journalist Roy Beck.

This was from 2010 and makes perfect sense, why are we fighting over humanitarian issues on immigration when we take on 1 Million Immigrants a year and it doesn’t even put a pin hole never mind a dent in the matter. Please watch below how Roy explains the situation of world poverty and how we can fix it.

Let’s make everyone happy and make a real difference

So as Roy suggests, we need to help the poverty in the world where it is happening. Bringing a minute fraction to the United States is useless and only hurts our country by dividing a lot of our people on both sides of the democratic parties.

We would be able to help these impoverished nations by sending people to educate them and teach them how to produce and cultivate in agriculture and life. Of course it will take some time but doing things the way we do now is not helping rather hurting the efforts. We could be a safer Nation as well. We could work together with other richer nations and come up with plans on how to build schools and teach Science and Technology to those that live there so they can teach it to generations. Eventually they will be able to provide and create for themselves. This notion makes so much sense, there must be a reason that we aren’t pushing for this solution. Are we afraid we will create more monsters  by empowering nations with billions of people? I don’t think so. We are in a position to make a real difference but yet here we are in America fighting with each other about letting a certain group of immigrants into the country. This is why we are at a stale mate with opposing sides of democracy.

Comment below how you feel about this presentation and what Roy talks about!

Moon missions 2017 Exploration or Industrialization

If you are anything like me, you may often wonder why we haven’t gone back to the moon since the days when the onboard computer of the Apollo Missions were not even as fast or advanced as our smart phones are today. I would think with all the talk about going to Mars to colonize it, why would we not see how we can adapt on a much shorter alien planet our own moon. That would be an accomplishment in itself and I’m sure there would be mistakes we could learn from without jeopardizing so much if we were on the Martian surface.

The next question is. Are we going to colonize / explore or are we looking to pillage and profit from such missions to the moon? Below is an video from 2016

From the sounds of the video the private company that is looking to go to the moon intends on mining it for Platinum and Helium 3 stating that he believes there is more Platinum on the surface of the moon than there is in all the mines of planet earth.


My picture vs Google Moon

Pretty stunning that the photo I took through a pair of binoculars and an Iphone is identical to Google’s


So I guess the answers are right in front of us. We are planning more trips to the Moon and going to see if it can be profitable. This could give a whole new meaning to Moonshine!

Moon Express Raises $20 Million for First Private Moon Landing

The company says its first trip, planned for 2017, is now fully funded Read more about it here.
Do you think we should be mining these alien planets and meteors for valued materials? Let me know below in a comment.

Fake News about Inauguration 2017

The Mainstream media pushes more Fake News.

I have to post this because I actually witnessed something that tells me the media was pushing this false photo for something it wasn’t. The image is taken from the Washington Monument buy Reuters News and is the infamous picture that was passed around the internet.

I watched the inauguration proceedings all day long from 9 am on. I was watching at one point about 10:45 and I noticed they were showing the whole area from what looked like a sky shot but was the same angle and view of the pic below I’m using to compare with another picture. In my observations of this shot on tv from Fox News I said to myself, watch someone use this pic that is a couple hours before the event get pushed as nobody showed up for Trump. I literally pondered the whole thing for a couple minutes. So here I would like to demonstrate something I discovered with some digging. A comparison picture from of all places CNN who did a 360 type Gigapixel Photo.

First the Reuters photo

Reuters photo of Inauguration

And Here is a cropped portion of the Gigapixel Photo From CNN. Here is the Link for the Full Photo

Notice The white building above and the one here below. There is only a small walkway of probably 50 feet wide for walking. So it is my honest opinion that the pic above was taken a couple hours before the time of the Inauguration 12pm.

Inauguration 2017

Space Debris and it’s Danger!

Space Debris is a real Problem

This Danger is in our near future and the result of one wrong collision that can chain react and cause a catastrophe.

This is Low Earth Orbit right now 11/21/2016 at any given time there are approximately 15,000 pieces of space junk and or Satellites

Then you have Medium Earth Orbit as seen to the left here.
Lastly we have Geo Earth orbit scroll down for more about the Danger we face as a Globe but it comes down to about 10 responsible Nations.

As The way things are now I can’t believe we get rockets up and out of LEO without getting slammed. We need to think of a way to curb this situation or it’s going to be lights out! I mean that in the most literal of ways.

I’m sure there are plenty of very smart people monitoring this Space Debris problem. I am just starting my journey into the space debris field. I find it fascinating in a terrifying way. My writings are free spirited honest opinion and facts about things that matter to me and to US in the United States Of America.

Our Space Program and the United States is one of the main sources of Space Debris. We account for 2/3 of all junk floating around out there. As time goes on the problem is only going to worsen. Objects that are in a dead orbit to our lower atmosphere are propelling around the earth at crazy high speeds. Any one of these pieces are a potential hazard that could cause a chain reaction that we may not be able to avoid. Potentially knocking out critical infrastructure to our communications satellites.

This is the whole purpose of my endeavor, to bring awareness and hopefully change to this ever increasing Danger! It’s only a matter of time that we start seeing the affects of our own causes. Imagine the impact Space Debris will have in even 25 years. We are always challenging ourselves as a Nation and species to strive higher, faster and farther away than before. I am making a conscious decision to try and help either through awareness or encouraging the young minds on this earth to come up with a practical way to eliminate Space Junk.

Stay tuned for more info and facts about this ever growing danger that affects us all. As our communication satellites GPS and every other type of systems are lobbed into orbit. You can make a difference and I want to be a part of the solution not the problem. To be preventative instead of reactive.  If we are being reactive it may already be too late. For the safety of our Space Exploration Manned Missions to our Global infrastructure.

The PizzaGate emails

Here I would like to list some of the emails that were uncovered by Wikileaks when they released the emails of John Podesta. These are by no means a smoking gun as to the whole controversy but will allow you to make your own decision as to the likelihood that they are at least strange in nature.


Now these don’t scream guilt but they do raise some good questions.

Why would the President be flying in Pizza and Dogs that cost $65,000 When we all know that any food that is for the white house has to be prepared at the White House for Security Reasons!

You don’t get a Pizza for an hour? You might need one in an hour but that isn’t what it says.

Then you have the Handkerchief Who in their right mind is going to be looking for a stained Handkerchief back unless it had some sort of DNA evidence on it? “A Map that seems Pizza related” These are just natural questions that come up when you go over these emails.

It would seem to me that these are more likely than not some sort of code words used to communicate a different message. You decide!

PizzaGate and the people behind it

PizzaGate and the people behind it

   The biggest lie about Pizzagate is that it is not true. I’ve been delving into this topic for some time now and with the information I’ve uncovered some of which I will share in this post. It is a horrifying truth that is hard to imagine. This is one of the reasons it is dismissed as a lie or conspiracy theory. It is so awful that some people can’t believe it on the fact that it is so disgusting. I must warn you that this post is quite offensive and contains graphic text and information that is very disturbing. It has been tough for me to investigate and read the things I’ve read as it involves sex with underaged children, trafficking of children, prostitution, drugs and Satanic rituals. I will do my best to keep it as real as possible without showing any graphic content. Not to mention how illegal it is to have any media regarding the topic of such nature. I am also putting myself at risk reporting the truth about this as well because of the people involved and the powers they have to make life a living hell for anyone they choose. I will do my best to clarify and bring forth the information I have discovered through my research into PizzaGate.

   One of the main reasons it is said to be a conspiracy is because of who is involved. Such high level people in government, local officials and some of the wealthiest people in America. The same high level people who have control over the Mainstream Media, thus making it easy to throw so much disinformation out there that the everyday person would only conclude that it is totally fabricated. I’m sure most of you have heard about the fight against Fake News! Well the “MSM” are as guilty of the Fake News as any independant story or outlet there is. I will be using the acronym for Mainstream Media “MSM” often if you are not familiar with it.

Comet Pizza is a pizza place owned by James Alefantis, who is the former gay boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record. It has been the venue for dozens of events for the Hillary campaign staff. John Podesta has had campaign fundraisers there for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John’s brother and business partner Tony Podesta has his birthday party there every year.

   The whole story is getting diluted even more since the “Gunman went to Comet Ping Pong Pizza to save the Children” People are claiming that the operation was supposed to be in the basement of the pizza place and there was supposed to be tunnels leading from the pizza joint as well. Yet the gunman completed his search and didn’t find any tunnels and the Pizza place doesn’t even have a basement..Ahh I’m glad that’s settled it can’t be true cuz the gunman Edgar  Maddison Welch didn’t find anything at Comet Pizza! This Post is not Satire, it is an explanation of what is making headlines mostly in the Social Media world. I would say the MSM has been told not to report on it so it doesn’t spark the interest of the general public that only watch TV and get their information from the Alphabet News Channels.

This First Video is of Brice Taylor who claims she was a Sex slave under Mind Control from The CIA and owned by Bob Hope.

   So now let me fill you in on some truths about PizzaGate. This title was coined as a result of the “Podesta Emails” that were dumped via WikiLeaks. It had been discovered within the emails from and to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign chairman that they were mentioning Pizza in quite a few emails and the context of the topic didn’t make much sense. So after numerous people started digging and investigating the subject they determined that this was a code word. I’m going to have some links, pictures and video to help further explain and without further ado I will Post the first Video here. But first I also need to explain that this Child Trafficking and Sex Rings have been going on for decades within top level Government officials and certain billionaires. The PizzaGate portion has come to light in reference to Podesta Emails and Hillary Clinton. So Have a look at this Video that will help you understand what has been going on and with who. It is my belief that the only connection to Comet Ping Pong Pizza is James Alefantis,is the owner of the place. He has political ties and is friends with John and Tony Podesta. His controversy Instagram page which is now listed as private  at the very least had a lot of very riske pictures posted. Here is a link to Comet Ping Pongs Instagram posts that were saved by another source. What you can get from these pics is they are pretty messed up and have a wierd vibe at the very least.

Here is a good report from a well respected Journalist who is being attacked because he is also exposing the PizzaGate stories. 

It is very difficult to keep this post / article brief because there is so much information to share and inform you about. I will do my best to keep it as short as possible so it will keep your attention. A topic of such atrocity really deserves a few pages of text and video.

So to recap a bit. We know that there is a big problem within our society and that is the practice of child porn, trafficking of children, Satanism and cult like societies that perform horrendous acts. Let’s back up a bit once again to “Lolita Island” Here is a special report from YouTube Channel American Patriot. This all took place back in 2002 during the Clinton Administration.

Jeffrey Epstein, the “billionaire pedophile” who was accused of keeping under aged girls as sex slaves on his private island, was long known to be friendly with former President Bill Clinton.The extent of that relationship, however, has never been made clear. But new records indicate the former leader of the free world was much cozier with Epstein than originally known.

All aboard the ‘Lolita Express’: Flight logs reveal the many trips Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with anonymous women
Flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ were published for the first time on Thursday
They show that former President Bill Clinton boarded the plane with women believed to have been involved in creating underage sex slave ring
Alleged victim Virginia Roberts says she was recruited as a slave when she was 15, and that she was forced to have sex with both Prince Andrew and Harvard law profession Alan Dershowitz
The latter, she says, molested her mid-flight on the private jet
Both the Duke of York and Dershowitz have fiercely denied their involvement in the ring.

All aboard the ‘Lolita Express’: Flight logs reveal the many trips Bill Clinton and Alan Dershowitz took on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet with anonymous women

– Flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ were published for the first time on Thursday
– They show that former President Bill Clinton boarded the plane with women believed to have been involved in creating underage sex slave ring
– Alleged victim Virginia Roberts says she was recruited as a slave when she was 15, and that she was forced to have sex with both Prince Andrew and Harvard law profession Alan Dershowitz
– The latter, she says, molested her mid-flight on the private jet
Both the Duke of York and Dershowitz have fiercely denied their involvement in the ring

Records obtained by Fox News show that Clinton “was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the ‘Lolita Express’ – even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights.”

Original reports had Clinton on Epstein’s personal 727 only 11 times, however the flight logs obtained by Fox have him flying more than twice that amount. Fox News reports:

“Bill Clinton… associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,” said Conchita Sarnoff, of the Washington, D.C. based non-profit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, and author of a book on the Epstein case called “TrafficKing.” “Why would a former president associate with a man like that?”

Official flight logs filed with the Federal Aviation Administration show Clinton traveled on some of the trips with as many as 10 U.S. Secret Service agents. However, on a five-leg Asia trip between May 22 and May 25, 2002, not a single Secret Service agent is listed. The U.S. Secret Service has declined to answer multiple Freedom of Information Act requests filed by seeking information on these trips. Clinton would have been required to file a form to dismiss the agent detail, a former Secret Service agent told

Claims: Virginia Roberts says she was recruited to work as a sex slave for Epstein when she was just 15, and has named Dershowitz and Prince Andrew as two of the men she was forced to have sex with. Roberts pictured with the Duke of York. Image link:

My next post will detail more information regarding the Email exchanges with John Podesta and the use of code words that has been used to decipher the strange messages revealed in the Wikileaks emails. If you would like to search through them for the time being you can find them here

As to not leave you guessing here is a list of code words used as described by the NYPD Special Victim Unit


To be Continued

Click here for the new post showing the email’s in question